About the Novusitus Initiative and PROJECT MANIA

The Novusitus Intiative is always watching.


The Novusitus Intiative

About the organization

The Novusitus Initiative is an organization that focus on the anomalous. Any 'creatures' deemed supernatural and odd are named as 'abnormalities' in the initiative. We collect these abnormalities in the best interest of everyone and we use these things as a foundation for our New World. The Nodes can and will continue to thrive as long as we keep using those abnormalities to the best interests of mankind.

We capture and contain these abormalities by any means possible. We do not know the full extent of their powers. They could destory the world in one blink of an eye if it was unguarded. We provide the security and protection fromm these horrid and unexplainable creatures and so-called 'items.'


The objective of the Initiative is to protect the citizens of the net and real-life from the oppressive force of the government. With your support, the Novusitus Intiative has been able to conduct several testings and experiments that are only beneficial to the people we swore to protect. The government will not protect you. However, we thrive to fill that empty hole in your heart with our kindness and generosity. Let us be your light.



PROJECT MANIA (or DP-MANIA) is the codename given to a series of experiments conducted by the Novusitus Initiative in order to improve the quality of life of the citizens in the Nodes. This project does not focus on only the human mindset, but their minds, souls and bodies. All humans have fear. But the ultimate fear and dread is of the unknown.

Yet, it doesn't have to be this way.

DP-MANIA attempts to strengthen the human mind. We do not need to fear what lies beyond our comprehension. We can rule over them.
These series of experiments are intended to test the limits of the human mind. How far can we push them until they can no longer refuse the truth of the unknown?